Very Powerful - Very silent


Kronings NORDIC K2200 air-conditioning system with heat pump.



This new and very powerful K2200 Kronings NORDIC air-conditioning system with reverse function heat pump is very effecient and very silent comparred to several other units in the market.





The unit is developed to cope with the very warm supper temperatures in Australia, and the very cold vinters in the Nordic countries.


The compressor is specially made to be able to heat doen to an outside temperature of minus -5 degrees, af an outside humidity of 40%, which is almost 10 degrees lower temperature comparred to most other similar systems.



The unit is preparred with valves for refil of cooling liqued, hence futureproof comparred to many other units.



Both the high effecient and very silent compressor, working at low outside temperatures, the VERY effecient cooling and heating system, and the fact that it both can be operated by the remore control and at same time a built in LED display, ensure that you can use the system as climate-control in both summer and winter.



The system is ONLY 29 kilo which is between 5 and 12 kilo less than the weight of most other systems with same output effeciency.



Kronings NORDIC is especially developed for warm summers and cold winters - this is why we have named it Kronings NORDIC.











Specifications and key features


The reverse cycle heat pump roof top air conditioner is a lightweight rooftop style unit.


A reverse cycle air conditioner has unmatched efficiency and provides one of the most economical forms of heating. The unit provides both heating and cooling as well as filtered and dehumidified air.


Its lightweight design makes it suitable for a range of applications that the bigger units are unable to achieve.


The unit has many innovative features:

•Compact Dimensions make it very versatile

•The refrigerative heat pump operation produces up to 70% more heat than element type units

•Ultra low profile ensures less drag when towing and greater clearance under your carport or garage

•Automatic de-ice setting for low ambient heating operation.

•Infra-red remote control




Electrical rating: 240V,50hz

Nominal cooling capacity: 2.0kw / 7000 BTU

Nominal heating capacity: 2.2kw / 7500 BTU

Maximum rated current, cooling: 3.9A

Maximum rated current, heating: 4.0A

Locked rotor current: 18A

Inside Air Delivery, Maximum: 110l/s

Total Weight: 29kg

Overall Height: 205mm

Overall Width: 560mm

Overall Length: 975m

Inside Plenum Height: 65mm

Inside Plenum Width: 535mm

Inside Plenum Length: 555mm
























































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