Full automatic satellite dish system


62cm dish – "oval wide surface" equals 65cm round dish.






























Full automatic sattelite dish - Kronings Ultra light satellite antenna



•ONLY 4.7 kilo.......



•Aluminum dish, oval by 62cm, designed to use 30-40% more reflective material available than traditional round sattelite dishes.



•DiSEqC controlled full automatic.



•Gain of 80.6 dB signal in digital with BER -0.6, comparable to a dish over 80cm.


•LNB Full HD ready.

•Quick intelligent automatic sattellite search.

•Remember last used sattelite, leading to fast and easy usage.

•Preparred for digital TV.

•User freindly display.

•Automatic cloasing when driving.

•May be mounted close to solar panels and airconditioning systems.





9 sattelittes pre-programmed in memory.

•- Türksat 3A 42.0E

•- Astra 1N/2A/2F 28.2E

•- Astra 3A/3B&Thor 2 23.5E

•- Astra 1KR/1L/1M/2C 19.2E

•- Eutelsat Hotbird 13.0E

•- Sirius / Astra 4 4.8E

•- Thor 5&6 & Intelsat 10-02 0.8W

•- Atlantic Bird / Eutelsat 5 5.0W

•- Hispasat 1E 30.0W




Power supply voltage 11/16 Volt

Stand-by sistem absorption 20mA

Research system absorption 2A typical - 3,5A peak

Typical search time 30-60 sec

Max time for a complete scanning 300 sec

Outdoor unit weight 4.7 Kg




Electomagnetic compatibility: EN 55022, EN 55024

Safety machine: EN 12100-1, EN 12100-2, EN 294, EN 349


IP grade: EN 60529


Vibrations: 95/56/CEE





































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